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Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing (CCW) manufactures and offers R2+polyiso wall insulation, air barrier membranes and accessory products which can be combined to provide complete “weatherization packages” for use in many commercial construction exterior wall assemblies. These CCW wall weatherization packages protect your building from air leakage and moisture intrusion while keeping your building well-insulated. The results are reduced energy costs, improved occupant comfort and extended longevity of building.

In addition, design professionals can specify all of the wall assemblies generated by this app which have been verified to pass NFPA 285, and a burn test often required by building code! This app can be used to assemble over 700 possible NFPA 285 tested wall assemblies incorporating CCW R2+ high-R, continuous insulation and CCW’s fully-adhered, high-performance air barrier membranes. The app provides quick, easy guidance for selection of CCW products and wall component options. Finally, the app allows the user to easily capture and share information by generating a print-out or digital image of the user-built wall assembly.

More information available here.

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